20181118 Two Act Show: Han Lenkey + Dog Lover with new work by Gaia Harper

20181104 Lecture: Dianna Settles loves Naruto

20181021 Two Act Show: Kibi James + Lily Schulder with new work by Gaia Harper


20181007 Lecture: Taylor Alxndr loves Santigold

20180916 Two Act Show: Taylor Janay Manigoult + Elaine Edenfield

20180902 Lecture: Debra Beat loves Rob Halford

20180819 Two Act Show: Goldy Lavender + Gulp


20180805 Who Do You Love Lecture: Malcolm Peacock loves Linda Montano

20180722 Show #0: MonteQarlo + Sly + Love, Faggirl


Above all, The Zero is place. Re-claimed space. For contact. For study. For the exchange of ideas, and of dreams, among artists, transients and queers. Misfists; rejected, and delightfully lost, learning and unlearning the boundaries of the periphery. The Zero. Somewhere to gather - in brokenness, among brokenness, for brokenness. Under BROAD, in the basement, in the bowels of the city, it is a creation story. A myth. An archive, on going and without end. A record. Of improvisation, willingness and failure. And of delirious possibility.

Established in 2018 by Mo Costello and Blair LeBlanc

Please reach out about ideas regarding performances, sets, raves, lectures, clubs, theatres, rock and roll, leather couches, etc: thezerothezerothezero@gmail.com